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Sylvania Self Storage
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Sylvania Self Storage, Storage Units  Household & Commercial, Toledo, OH


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At Sylvania Self Storage,
security is a top priority

You can trust your commercial storage
materials are safe in our facility

business storage solutionsWhen you trust your business records, household items, cars or other material to Sylvania Self Storage, you know they will be secure. Sylvania Self Storage offers one of the most secure, state-of-the-art storage facilities in northwest Ohio. At Sylvania Self Storage, we provide our clients in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan with the highest quality security services.

Your items are secure in our state-of-the-art commercial storage facility. Our Sylvania Township location has a very low crime rate. The Sylvania Township police department has a reputation for their quick response times.

Sylvania Self Storage has several unique security features:

  • The entire property is surrounded by a 6' high fence.
  • Access to Sylvania Self Storage is gained by using an individually assigned security code.
  • All aisles are well-lit.
  • Security cameras record activity at the gate and main aisle of our commercial storage facility.
  • These cameras are designed to pick up activity at night as well as during the day.


Sylvania Self Storage offers
safe, secure inventory
storage for businesses

We offer business storage at a
great price and we pick it up 

At Sylvania Self-Storage, we make storing your business records safe, easy and convenient! Sylvania Self Storage provides units fully equipped with shelving for the commercial storage of business records. If you pay for a year up front, the professionals at Sylvania Self Storage will pick up the business records, free of charge. It doesn’t matter if you have a dozen boxes or hundreds of boxes for commercial storage, we can pick them up and store them for you.

All of our safety precautions are in place to make sure your business record storage is as safe at our commercial storage facility as it would be at your business—maybe even safer! Many of our current customers run their businesses right out of their commercial storage units at Sylvania Self Storage. They use them for inventory storage, business record storage and more.   

Storage facilities rent space for far less per square foot than the typical office pays to lease space. It makes a lot of sense for businesses to use commercial storage facilities for record storage when they are not frequently accessed.  Normally, professionals find it convenient to keep the most recent one or two years of records on site and then store their older records off site when it is unlikely they will be needed on a regular basis. Sylvania Self Storage can help you with all of your business storage needs.

Call us today at 419-843-2005 or email Mike at sales@sylvaniaselfstorage.com!


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